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Mary Dolores Nelson and her certified instructors offer workshops for massage therapists and body workers who want to learn the techniques that facilitate deep levels of relaxation in their clients.

The different courses of LaStone® Therapy enhance muscle relaxation, tissue repair, grounding, balancing and releasing of blocked memories. Therapists learn techniques to avoid strain on thumbs and wrists. Using LaStone® Therapy , hot and cold stones enable wrists and thumbs to heal, while providing clients with deep sedative and therapeutic massage. Replica Audemars Piguet Fake Watches Swiss Replica Watches レプリカの腕時計
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LaStone® Therapy is one of the fastest growing massage techniques in today's spas throughout this country and across international waters. Many people are seeking a connection to "Body-Mind-Soul" in their everyday life. LaStone® Therapy offers a peaceful way in which to return to ones true nature.

LaStone® offers to the body worker relief for their tired, over worked hands and wrists, a break from exhausting hours of massage. For the energy worker, LaStone® offers assistance in bringing balance to the Body-Mind-Soul with the use of Mother Earth's Stone Clan People. For both the giver and the receiver, all therapies benefit with the use of alternating temperatures to the body. Touch is reciprocal!

Mary has a staff of more then 30 instructors worldwide, you can read about her and LaStone's certified instructors by going to the link at the top of the page under LaStone community then to Certified instructors. Mary's personal secretary is Sherry Walker; Mrs. Walker also supplies LaStone therapists with Ceremonial items, see the link for suppliers.


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